Brandon Pasak G.G. Graduate Gemologist / Appraiser

Welcome to Xandra Jewelers & Gem Lab. I created this company because I believe that personalized one-on-one service is the best way to serve customers.

I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Since a very young age two things have inspired me - art and rocks. Through high school and college I studied art and design. Pottery was my main artistic focus for more than fifteen years, but I also do photography, painting, sculpture, and drawing. My love of art and design also led me to the jewelry industry. As long as I can remember I have been mesmerized by diamonds and gemstones. So I decided to study Gemology to better understand these fascinating rocks.

I worked in the retail jewelry business for more than five years while studying for my Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry Professional diplomas at the Gemological Institute of America. During this time I had the pleasure of working with hundreds if not thousands of customers. These customers taught me so much about what people really want out of their jeweler. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that in today's society everyone wants something unique to them, they want everything customized, and this is something we love to do. Customizing a piece of jewelry does not need to be expensive it just needs to be personal!

With the tough economy I also learned the importance of insuring your valuables. In the past five years it is hard for me to remember a week that someone didn't come into the store with a story about how their jewelry had been stolen and they didn't have any information on what they lost. It was sad to see so many people not only lose their treasured memories but not have adequate insurance to replace them. It seemed like they were getting hit twice. So I set out to make sure that they have options to insure their valuables through insurance appraisals. Our appraisals allow you to insure your valuables for their retail replacement value.

So when I had the opportunity to start my own company I took the leap and started Xandra Jewelers & Gem Lab, which is named after the most precious gem in my life, my daughter Alexandra. So if you need a Jewelry Appraisal or need a special gift for that special someone, or just need to find out what you have, please come see us, we are always glad to help. Remember you don't have to settle for ordinary.