We offer a variety of products and services to fit all of your jewelry needs including:

Jewelry Appraisals

Appraisals are important to protect your valuables. Most people believe that their homeowners insurance will cover the loss or damage of their jewelry items. But the truth is for most people it will only cover part of the replacement, after you meet your deductible. That is why it's best to get a supplemental insurance policy for your jewelry items. An Insurance Replacement Appraisal gives you the value of your item if you were to have to go out and replace it in current market conditions. Its also best to have your jewelry appraised every 3-5 years depending on market conditions.

Jewelry Appraisal Document 

Gem Identification

Not sure what that loose stone is that is floating around in your jewelry box? Want to find out what the stone is in your grandmothers vintage ring. We can do that! It will usually only takes us a few minutes to give you an answer. We usually charge a small fee for identifying gemstones.

 Needle and crystal inclusions in s Garnet

Diamond Grading

Diamond Grading is an exact science. It takes hundreds of hours of training and years of looking at Diamonds to understand how the component parts interconnect. Diamond Grading is made up of the 4 C's: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. We are well trained in Diamond Grading and are more than happy to help you with any of your questions you have about your Diamonds. 

Feather inclusion in Diamond


The timeless allure of Diamonds. No other single object symbolizes love more than a Diamond. We work with many different Diamond sources in the jewelry industry to bring you the best possible prices. With our low overhead we can usually beat the competition on price when it comes to Diamonds.  


Most consumers do not realize the vast array of colored gemstones that the market has to offer for their jewelry. Colored Gemstones are our passion at Xandra Jewelers & Gem Lab. From the classics like Ruby, Sapphire, And Emerald to more exotic gems like Alexandrite, and Tanzanite we have them all. If you are looking for a hard to find gem or something a little different we carry a full line of colored gemstones and if we don't have it in stock we can get it for usually within a few days.

 Multi colored Tourmalines

Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning

We offer free jewelry inspection and cleaning. We will inspect your settings to make sure all of the gemstones are tight and that there is no damage to be repaired and then clean the items for you for free. If an item needs repair we will clearly explain to you why it needs to be repaired and how much it will cost.

Jewelry Repairs

In a lot of aspects jewelry is a lot like a car. The better maintained it is the longer it will last. No matter what kind of jewelry you have it will need maintenance at some point or another. Our Bench Jewelers are master craftspeople that take pride in doing the very best job possible. Our repairs are very competitively priced with quick turn around times. We don't send our repairs out to a clearing house, we know the exact person that is working on your treasured jewelry items.